Texas Tax Lawyer.

Texas Tax Lawyer.


Federal Income Tax Attorney

Branscomb Law’s Tax Group provides comprehensive tax planning and advice to individuals, business entities, trusts and estates, with substantial experience in:
• Tax-free reorganizations and sales of businesses
• Tax-free like-kind exchanges involving oil and gas properties and commercial and investment real estate
• Tax-free spin-offs of branches or divisions of businesses
• Planning for investment in and divestment of oil and gas
• Planning with respect to settlements and jury awards in tax litigation
• Planning for infusion of capital into existing businesses

Our Texastax attorneys also work closely with the lawyers in our other practice groups to help structure our clients’ business transactions to maximize tax benefits and minimize tax costs. Recognizing that the single largest cost in any sale of a business is often the income tax cost, Branscomb Law’s Texastax attorneys are experienced in developing creative approaches to reduce that cost.

Our Texastax lawyers also regularly handle Internal Revenue Service audits, protest letters contesting tax adjustments and penalties, administrative proceedings, appeals, and estate and gift tax disputes that include the valuation of closely-held businesses. We have excellent relationships with Internal Revenue Service personnel in Texas as well as Washington, D.C., and know how to work within the tax system to achieve our clients’ tax goals.

Texas Tax Attorney.

State and Local Tax

Our Texastax attorneys assist clients in general business planning and structuring transactions to minimize state and local taxes. We routinely advise and counsel clients on matters involving margin tax, sales and use tax, and motor vehicle tax. We also represent clients in state and local tax disputes involving state audits, refund claims, administrative re-determinations and Texas tax litigation. While we focus on representing clients in tax matters, our Texas tax litigation attorneys have also been successful in helping clients resolve tax disputes with California, Louisiana, Florida, and other states.